Thermal Beach Club

  • Chris Hubbard
  • 02/19/21


Thermal Beach Club is just one of four surf parks racing to completion in the Coachella Valley. This will be a 244-acre resort consisting of up to 326 luxury homes around a 20-acre clear blue surfing lagoon. With unparalleled amenities and recreational activities, the Thermal Beach Club is designed to create a unique setting where families can create multi generational memories! By combining luxury resort style amenities with surf, golf, tennis racing Thermal Beach Club will be an unrivaled adventure living retreat! 


The lagoon will be outfitted with state-of-the-art wave-making technology that can produce six waves per second of up to 7 feet.



About Thermal Beach Club:

Located in the Coachella Valley, will be the first private residential community in the U.S. with a man-made lagoon offering @PerfectSwell technology.  The 20-acre lagoon will be surrounded by 326 high-end homes, six-acres of white sand beach, spa and fitness center, sport courts, retail, pool and swim-up bar, dining facilities and more. TBC, a multi-generational private club, sits on 240 acres of Kohl Ranch Land being developed by WhiteStar Development.


“The clear lagoon at Thermal Beach Club will provide an environment for all generations to enjoy including up to eight-foot swells for surfers and a calm water area for toddlers, as the technology offers a controlled experience,” - Patrick Belous, co-founder.


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