• Chris Hubbard
  • 02/19/21


An Iconic Destination Surf Resort. Coming to Palm Desert, California in 2023. Located in Palm Desert, DSRT Surf is a destination resort consisting of a surf center, hotel, spa, villas, and beach amenities, all organized around a surf pool that is purpose-built for surfing. 


DSRT Surf is going to be an 18-acre resort with a large wave pool as its anchor. A hotel, residential villas, and two 18-hole golf courses will all be a part of the development in Palm Desert.

Sneak peak of the upcoming DSRT Surf project – a unique destination resort consisting of a surf center, hotel, spa, villas and beach amenities organized around a surfing purpose-built wave pool. 


The DSRT SURF team consists of life-long, passionate surfers. Several are elite, world-class professionals and others are local surfers just trying to share a few waves with family and friends. We’ve all felt the positive impact of surfing and memorable surf trips and want to share that feeling through the DSRT SURF experience.


The DSRT SURF team brings diverse expertise to the project. We have deep roots in surf pool development, the surf industry, finance, hospitality, real estate development, law, land use, environmental initiatives, politics, and community building.


DSRT Surf’s roster provides an unparalleled platform for creating the world’s first destination surf resort beyond the ocean.


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